BEWARE the airline fees! Thanks to negative publicity? (1:10 min read)

Remember a few months ago when the video emerged of a passenger being violently drug off a United Airlines flight? Well that little stunt cost the airline close to 100 million in the following of that disaster. Since then, there have been several recorded incidents with different airlines showing less than sub par customer service, or very difficult passengers depending on your point of view.


Recently I saw footage of a United Airlines employee shove a 71 year old man to the ground.  You can see the video here:

(Skip the video to about 34 seconds to see the shove)


Although these videos are very entertaining, what it ultimately does is increase the cost of travel for you and I. These videos cost airlines millions of dollars and they have to make it back by increasing the price of seats and implementing other ridiculous fees.


Take for example United’s new “Basic Economy Class”. Essentially these are the most uncomfortable seats in the aircraft, that you book for about 15 dollars less than a regular seat. However, you have no carry on bag, meaning they will charge you $25-$50 to check your bag at the gate instead of what is usually a free carry on. Also, you are not allowed to board until the very end, and from what I have been told, it also limits the number of refreshments on the plane. So unless you planned on checking a bag anyways, your $15 of saving is gone right away.


I don’t condone some of these airline policies and fees at all, but for the sake of travel we might be better off to let it simmer.


Evolution of Fidget Spinners (45 sec. read)

Fidget spinners have been the craze, or rather the fad of 2017. An estimated 25 million have been sold around the country pricing varying between $6-  $30. Who would have thought that a simple little toy could generate hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue?


The sad part of the fidget spinner fad is that the original inventor Catherine Hettinger originally came up with idea over 20 years ago. She came up with idea originally to promote peace because she saw boys throwing rocks at police cars and wanted something to distract these restless kids.


But back to the sad part, her patent on the product actually expired in 2005 so she has received virtually no money from the sales of fidget spinners. But she handles it with a very impressive attitude (better than I would had I missed out on millions and millions of dollars).


(Hettinger’s granddaughter playing with the original fidget spinner)

“Maybe if it was some kind of exploitative product — like a new style of cigarettes — and my only motivation was to make money, I’d have a different attitude,” Hettinger said. “But I am just thrilled.”


Although the size and specifics may differ slightly from the original design, Hettinger was ahead of the curve. A little too far ahead to cash out anyhow!

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How do “YouTubers” Make Money?

When you were little, when someone asked you what you wanted to be when you grew up, did you say “YouTuber”! Well if you know anything about the lifestyle and money that these online “celebrities” make you might have to rethink your current occupation.

According to the 9 highest paid


YouTubers in 2015 made between 2.5 million dollars and 12 million dollars. The amount of followers/subscribers ranged between 5 million and 40 million. Themes of profiles can be anything but are most commonly gaming, make up tutorials, fashion, or traveling.  How do they make all that money though?

There are 2 sources of income for YouTubers. Firstly, that of the company that you are promoting and the general rule of thumb is to charge around $10,000 per 100,000 views. Secondly youtube has Google AdSense software with their videos so every view (usually constituted as someone watching 30 seconds or more of an ad) gives the YouTuber an additional 18 cents. So every time you click “skip” your outing that YouTuber 18 cents!

Never in a million years did your grandpa ever think you could be a millionaire by posting videos from your basement.

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